Experience in our VIP Room with Stunning Views and Exclusive Privileges!

Intimate Luxury

Unveiling Our Seaside Splendor in the Exclusive VIP Rooms!

Make your reservations now and elevate your gatherings to a whole new level of grandeur. Whether it’s a celebration, a business meeting, or simply an escape to luxury, our VIP rooms await to make your moments extraordinary.

our land eco farm vip room

A Panoramic Paradise: Sea, Sunset and Mangrove

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the sea and mangroves from our VIP rooms. The picturesque backdrop sets the stage for unforgettable moments, and with the ability to witness a breathtaking sunset, your experience is destined to be nothing short of magical.

Intimate Luxury: Max 2 tables

Indulge in the privilege of choosing between our two exquisite VIP rooms, designed to exceed expectations. Accommodating up to two round tables for 20 guests each, these spaces offer an intimate setting perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s an exclusive celebration or a corporate gathering, our VIP rooms seamlessly blend exclusivity and charm.

Private Deck Delight: Step Outside to Serenity

Take a moment to step outside onto a small deck, where you can relish the fresh sea breeze and the serene atmosphere. The private deck adds an extra layer of sophistication to your VIP experience, allowing you to savor every moment in style.

Seamless Convenience: Attached Toilets for Your Comfort

No need to step out of the VIP experience—our rooms come complete with attached toilets for your convenience. Enjoy the utmost comfort as every detail is meticulously crafted to make your stay seamless and memorable.


The minimum spending for our VIP room is RM1500. However, during off-peak seasons, this is reduced to RM1000 to provide a more accessible yet still enhanced and luxurious experience.

Booking is easy! You can contact our dedicated reservations team at 012-836 1183 or send us a message on WhatsApp. Alternatively, feel free to walk in – availability permitting – if no prior reservation has been made.

No, there is no time limit for VIP room reservations. We believe in allowing you to savor every moment of your special occasion without the constraint of time. Feel free to indulge, celebrate, and enjoy the VIP experience at your own pace. We’re here to make your time with us as memorable as possible!

Absolutely! We understand the importance of personalizing your event. You can customize decor, lighting, and ambiance to align with the theme and style of your occasion. However, please note that a fee will be charged for these customization services. Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate with you to ensure your VIP experience is not only personalized but also truly unforgettable. Let’s turn your vision into a reality!

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