Sea Aquarium

Dive into the World of Live Seafood

With over 40 tanks teeming with a variety of seafood and the opportunity to pick your own seafood for a delectable meal, an ultimate destination for all seafood lovers.

Sabah is seafood paradise, thanks to their prime location by the South China Sea, Sulawesi Sea, and Sulu Sea. These water bodies are teeming with a wide variety of fresh and diverse seafood. Travellers around the world flock to Sabah for its famous seafood, and one of its unique features is the opportunity to enjoy live seafood, a luxury often rare and costly in West Malaysia. 

Best Seafood Destination

At Our Land Eco Farm, our mission is clear: to provide you with the freshest live seafood, setting us apart as a seafood destination in Sabah.

The Widest Seafood Selection in Sabah:

Our sea aquarium boasts the most extensive variety of seafood in Sabah, and we take pride in being the restaurant with one of the largest number of tanks for your selection. You’ll be amazed to discover more than 40 tanks, each brimming with live seafood, from lobsters, fish to shell, and more. What sets us apart is the unique opportunity for you to handpick the seafood you desire, and we’ll skillfully prepare mouthwatering dishes for your enjoyment.

Culinary Expertise Beyond Four Decades:

Our experienced chef possesses over 40 years of culinary mastery, deepening their understanding of the intricate flavors and textures of the seafood. His wealth of experience ensures that every dish we serve embodies the essence of seafood excellence.

Virtual Seafood Tour

Let’s embark on a virtual seafood tour to learn about the captivating seafood species at our Land Eco Farm.

  • Flower Lobster (花龙虾)
  • Australian Lobster (澳龙虾)
  • Tiger Prawn (老虎虾)
  • Zebra Mantis Prawn (斑马虾蛄)
  • Wild Marble Goby/Soon Hock (野生笋壳) 
  • Humphead Wrasse (蘇眉)
  • Hybrid Grouper (老虎斑) 
  • Zebra Sea Snail (斑马螺)
  • and more… 
Come visit us and immerse yourself in the world of fresh, sustainable, and delectable seafood.